Washington DC Immigration Lawyers

KONARE PLLC is a Washington DC law firm. As a corporate firm, our primary goal is the satisfaction of our clients. This is accomplished by embracing challenges and taking pride in what we do. We strive to offer the appropriate resolution that fits our clients’ needs. As part of our SEC practice, we assist small and medium-sized businesses to raise capital without the hassle of the SEC registration process. Through our banking practice, we serve as the interface between financial institutions and those seeking financing with the goal and focus to negotiate better terms and conditions for our clients. With respect to our immigration practice, we advise our clients on how to navigate through the complex immigration process in order to achieve their objectives.

Abdoul Konare has years of experience working with businesses that have your same challenges and that are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, immigration lawyer, securities attorney or bankruptcy assistance.

We also serve clients in Washington DC, Frederick, Hagerstown, York PA, Martinsburg, West Virginia, Michigan, and Baltimore.