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Deferred Inspection (CBP) sites are located throughout the entire United States that provide inspections of individuals that are entering legally into the United States.  An inspection may occur when there is a discrepancy of entering the United States, or inaccuracy on their I-94. This is a procedure used by customs and border protection to admit an “Arriving Alien” into the U.S.  During this procedure, the individual is allowed to enter into the U.S. while the Border Patrol is figuring whether that person belongs in the U.S.  It may occur if documentation is missing, or other circumstances. You will receive a form called the I-546 which enforces you to appear at one of the Deferred Inspection sites. If you fail to appear, you may be put in removal proceedings.  Also, a deferred inspection can assist with any errors on your documentation, such as biographic, improper non-immigrant classification, or incorrect period of admission. If the documentation is not verified, or too many errors in your documentation and after further review of the case and in many instances the individual or family is issued a Notice to Appear and placed in removal proceedings. It is important to consult with an immigration attorney if you are issued an I-546.