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Withholding Removal is very similar to Asylum, however, it is a very limited benefit. This section of the law deals with individuals who are detained and have an order of removal against them. This means that you are being ordered by the immigration judge to go back to your original country. Withholding or removal is granted when you are ordered to be deported and you ask the immigration judge to stop and withhold the case. Withholding of removal can only be granted by an immigration judge. Like Asylum, withholding is granted to someone who shows that they have 51% chance or higher that returning to their home country will result in persecution based on their religion, race, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.  The burden of proof of persecution relies on the applicant. However, if the government can find another country that you can live without persecution, then you may deported to that country.  If your application of withholding of removal is granted, you can reopen your case and apply for another form of immigration relief, however the stakes are high. Make sure you consult with an immigration attorney to go over your options.

Being granted withholding of removal allows you to receive authorization to work in the United States, but does not give you a path to citizenship or a green card. You are unable to sponsor your child, spouse or parent. Withholding is country specific, and you cannot travel outside the United States.  In addition receiving withholding of removal, you will have a documented order against you, and maybe ordered to be supervised by checking in with immigration either by phone or in person.  Being convicted of a serious crime, such as aggravated felony, does not qualify you for withholding of removal.